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Each game lasts 50–60 minutes.

The goal is to keep the players active every other shift in order

to maximize playing time.


Begin with a quick 3-minute warm-up.



For 8U kids, keep shifts to 2 minutes.

Use a running clock buzzer to keep track of time.

As best as you can, match players with similar ability levels.

Stronger players (first line) play 1st shift, average/weaker players

play 2nd shift.  Continue rotation




Face-offs after goals and/or tie-ups will be used,

but drop the puck quickly instead of waiting for all players

to line up in the right position.

At 8U play 5v5 OR 4v4 with goalies.

Score is kept, but not recorded or posted.

Referees are utilized to facilitate the game. After a goal is

scored, a quick face-off is used to restart the game. Even with

the addition of referees and keeping score, the emphasis is still

on maximizing puck touches and playing time.