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  • In the event of inclement weather, Winter Garden will usually be open and your ice time will be available if there is adult supervision available. Games and practices will not be made up. Cancellations will be posted on our phone system and website.

  • Winter Garden reserves the right to terminate and/or eject any Participant or observer for any type of behavior (like shouting profanities) which is incompatible with our family oriented philosophy.

  • Participants assume complete responsibility for lost and stolen articles or money.

  • Programs may be cancelled due to lack of enrollment.

  • Skaters are not allowed on ice while machine gates are open and Zamboni is on ice.

  • Schedules may change from time to time. Check the bulletin board every visit. Cancellations will not be made up.

  • All skaters are urged to wear complete protective equipment.

  • No horseplay, running, shooting of pucks, playing with balls or screaming in lobby area. Please monitor & pick up after your kids ...be considerate!


  • Locker room area is for assigned players'/team members' use only.  This is not a play area for siblings! 

  • Complaints & suggestions should be made in writing and handed into Winter Garden office, or mailed. If you do more than talk about it, we will, too. We care.

  • Any participant who willfully attempts to harm or fight with another person will be arrested for assault. A hockey rink is not a law-free zone.

  • Any person found vandalizing the arena or its property will be permanently ejected from the rink and all programs.  No refunds will be given

  • No food may be brought into the rink, unless prior authorization has been received from rink management.

  • Participation in a youth hockey program does not entitle participation in Public Skating or Stick & Puck Sessions.